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From our custom built, multi redundancy, heavy lift drone to our medium sized Inspire 1 RAW, we have the equipment to meet your requirements.

We have the right drone for every job!


"We have seen many professional commercial operators, but in our opinion, HAWK UAV are a cut above the best" 

UAV8 Ltd The Leading Provider of Commercial Drone Training



utting Edge

Using the latest UAV technology we operate at the forefront of commercial drone operations. Heavy lift or flight times or over 35 minutes means we have it covered



Our meticulous planning means we operate within the bounds of the law, even on the most challenging of jobs 


Setup Time





Film & TV


We work with a number of bluechip companies to provide corporate content as well as covering corporate events

Our cameras can record in a multitude of formats and with the ability to live stream to almost all live streaming sites, we've got it covered

We have the ability to lift heavy cameras, as well as high end camera equipment. We are able provide incredible footage for your production 

Why Choose us?

HawkUAV is committed to helping clients reach their goals, by personalising their requirements, to enable us to provide an outstanding service, and to produce spectacular aerial footage.  

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UAV 8, The leading provider of UAV training in the UK said:

Barry Humphreys MBE cfs, UAV8 Limited

“We have been dealing with HAWK UAV for the last six months and have been consistently impressed by their professionalism and diligence in delivery of first class aerial photography and videography products. So impressed by the level of detail in their planning and execution of assignments that we now use an example of their work as a demonstration of best practice for our candidates; it is of a master-class standard.

We have seen many professional commercial operators but, in our opinion, HAWK UAV are a cut above the best.”

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Our Drones


Small, fast and agile making this drone a great choice for even the most demanding of jobs

Its out of the box design means that the Inspire 1 can be setup in minutes

Equipped with the DJI X5R MFT 4K DNG RAW and interchangeable lenses, giving the Inspire 1 serious filming power. Ground controls for Aperture, ISO, Shutter speed and DJI focus provide sharp HD footage with ease.

DYS D800 X8


It may be big, but it is fast, dexterous and can handle whatever we throw at it.

This is the perfect drone for the vast majority of the work we do.

Setup Time


Due to the nature of the work that we do with this drone, the process to set up takes longer than average, but once established, the flights are efficient



Capable of handling pretty much anything, the DYS D8-00 would be the star card in top trumps. With a total thrust of approximately 32kg and maximum payload of 12kg, it can handle some of the heavier cameras on the market. Currently equipped with the GH4, this drone has the ability to mount most gimbals. It has triple redundancy on motors, flight controllers,GPS, batteries and a parachute recovery system.

This ticks all the boxes for those heavy lift jobs and when using the X5R/X3 from the Inspire 1, incredible flight times can also be achieved!



Phone: 0333 335 0448